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What do photographers love? In my experience, chatting with other photographers, creating beautiful pictures and talking about gadgets and gear!

Okay so also like to eat…and drink…ALOT, whilst chatting to other photographers about gear.

When fellow wedding photographer, Chris Bottrell suggested a styled shoot at Lynford Hall, I knew this was a great opportunity for all of the above. Having recently dipped my toe into the Sony Mirrorless world, I knew this was a great chance to catch up with some talented photographers and shoot some creative pictures, putting the Sony A7iii through it’s paces. With Vintage Silk styling and the beautiful Emma in bridal wear, I had to share with you some of the portraits I took that day.   

The stormy skies gave us from dramatic lighting opportunities and we had fun experimenting with pink smoke grenades.

Half the shoot was shot with Sony and half with Nikon. I’m not yet ready to turn my back completely on Nikon, it’s like an old cozy jumper I can’t bear to throw out, but the Sony is something special. Light, compact and with killer autofocus, I know it will be a fantastic addition to my photography ninja arsenal.    

This stunning floral design is by Vintage Silk.  

The grounds at Lynford Hall, give lots of opportunities for relaxed, colourful images…

We ended our shoot with some dramatic lighting indoors…

Special thanks to Chris Bottrell and Amy from Vintage Silk for organising.  Chris is a talented sony shooter known for his strobist work, you can find his work here www.chrisbotrellphotography.co.uk

It was great catching up with you both.

Model – Emma Elisabeth

Styling and flowers by Vintage Silk – www.vintagesilk.co.uk

Dress – www.labelleangele.co.uk

Hair by – www.lisamariehair.co.uk

Jewellery – www.lisaangel.co.uk

 I will be doing more styled shoots this year so if you are interested in working with me on a joint project – DM or email me at enquiries@alisonarmstrongphotography.co.uk and let’s chat!