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In this article – professional hair stylist Lisa Frost shares with us her top tips and insider secrets for creating your perfect wedding hair.  

“After being a stylist in a salon for my whole career, branching out more into the bridal hair industry I came across a few OMG moments that I wanted to share with you all.

In the salon our clients always get good, well balanced, even hair cuts; their hair coloured using gentle, organic colours so the condition is not compromised.  The majority of our clients also use the products we use in the salon at home. This “perfect canvas” is not possible when new bridal clients approach me to work with them.   I wish I could have advised all my brides earlier as to their cuts, colours and products in the lead up to their wedding.   Here are some of my top tips when it comes to planning your perfect bridal hair style…


Make sure you are using the right products for your hair type.  Don’t just guess as to which shampoo, conditioner or treatments match your hair type, seek advice.   So often clients come to me using products which are not right for their hair resulting in hair that can be too oily or very static leaving the condition worse. You can not beat a good salon brand.  I know they are more expensive, but get the right stuff and I guarantee you will not regret it. These companies spend thousands of pounds on research each year and because of this your hair feels stronger, has more of a shine and just has more “life” about it.   Any good hairdresser will know their products like the back of their hand so will be able to help you get the right products for your hair.


Hair colour totally changes the look of a hairstyle.  The same style can look completely different on blonde hair compared to dark hair.

Generally the darker the hair, the more detail is hidden.   In the lead up to the wedding, I often advise my brides with darker hair to consider subtle highlights or tones to enhance the look of the style, especially if it is going to be textured.  On the other hand, if you are opting for a smooth, sleek style, darker hair works really well as it reflects light much better and looks more shiny.


Lots of brides come to me with photos of fabulous down styles with beautiful curls and lots of volume,  however you will need to consider your hair type and the type of wedding day you are having.      If you are considering a down style you need to think about how long your hair will be on the day in its natural state.  When curled your hair can lose up to a third of its length.    How well does your hair curl and how long will your hair retain those curls?   No amount of hairspray will make curls stay in place all day and if you have a long wedding day by the evening your hair is unlikely to look like it did when styled earlier in the day.

Consider how thick your hair is;  fine hair can sometimes look just as fine when its curled and can appear fluffy, where as thicker hair can be heavy and curls fall out sooner.  Human hair clip in extensions are a great way to achieve that gorgeous down style you’ve always wanted. They can add length, they curl really well and add support to your actual hair when it gets curled which helps it to last longer and of course they add that thickness, all without damaging your hair and scalp.


Look for a stylist who offers a bridal consultation separate to your hair trial.  It sounds silly but have your consultation early – as far away from your wedding as you can. This is just an initial chat to talk about what you are considering for your perfect style.   Your stylist will be able to advise you on what to do with your cut and colour in the months before your wedding, suggesting products you might be interested in to improve the condition of your hair and the likelihood of needing extensions etc.   Your stylist will know what needs to be done between your consultation and your big day so your hair looks its absolute best on your wedding day.


When you’re searching Pinterest or Instagram for ideas for THE hairstyle make sure you are looking at photos where the person has similar hair colour, length, texture, thickness to your own as this gives you a much better idea of how it will look on you.  Whilst inspiration pictures are helpful to assist you showing your stylist what hair styles you are drawn to;   I’ve lost count of the amount of times a client has shown me photo ideas where the hair in picture is nothing like their own! The other thing worth mentioning here is that unless your hair behaves the same as the person in the picture and your stylist knows exactly how that style was created, it’s quite unlikely that it will be a perfect copy.  Your stylist should take into account everything about you.  Your dress, your face shape, the length of your neck, the size of your head, your hairline, shoulder width, your height etc. Everything has to be thought about otherwise the look may not be right for you.   This is why a hair trial before the big day is so important.

I sincerely hope you find these hair tips useful as you plan your wedding hair.    Please contact me if you would like any further advice I’m only too happy to help and would love to hear about ideas you have for your own wedding hair.”

Lisa x

Based in Beccles, Suffolk, Lisa began her hairdressing career in 2007 and has 10 years experience as a professional hair stylist.  She has since completed a course of international recognition to specialise in wedding hair and runs her own styling business Hair Design by Lisa.

Website:  Hair by Lisa

Photo credit:  Taber Photography